Atomic radios were distributed by Atomic Radio Ltd, and were made for them by Sheffield Radio Ltd.

The model shown here was used for many years by my father in his Car Painting business. So it was covered in paint overspray etc. After this it came home and was regularly used in the basement garage. Many years after Dad died, I took it from his basement and brought it to my home. When I pulled the chassis out to check it before plugging it into the power, I discovered that it had literally exploded underneath the chassis!  Many parts were very badly damaged and burnt, including valves and sockets, caps, coils resistors and wiring. Even the speaker cone was "had it", and some grille bars are broken or missing. Unfortunately, it is not worth restoring.

It was a 4 valve Superhet, made in 1950. They were available in different colours, under the name Sheffield or Atomic. The case has a wooden carcase, with a moulded "Perspex" or "Plexiglass" front panel. The rear panel was plywood with an aerial coil fastened to it. It is possible that N.Z. was the only, or one of only a few, places to use Perspex. It allowed small production runs at reasonable prices, instead of having to use bakelite.

 Atomic radio before restoration

Not exactly in the best of conditions!

Atomic chassis

Really not good, is it?

Underneath Atomic chassis

As can be seen, the explosion was on the left end!

Atomic cleaned up a bit.

This is now going to be given to the local High School art class so the pupils have something different as a subject to paint. 

Atomic 758 Console Radio.

This has a 6 valve, all band chassis. There are 4 shortwave and 1 broadcast bands, plus phono input.  It has a 12 inch permag speaker. Made in 1949. It performs remarkably well, really pulling in the shortwave, even with just a short aerial wire. Unfortunately the dial glass is broken, although it is complete. So we may be able to do something about it. A few ideas are swimming around in my head! This was a very expensive purchase! It cost Junior the grand sum of $15.

Clearlite Perspex Advertisement from early 1950s.  Click for full size image.

Click on picture for large version of this 1950s advertisement. 53KB

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