Philips, in New Zealand, started in 1927 as Philips Lamps (NZ) Ltd. The first Philips radios imported here were in 1929/30. It wasn't till 1939 that Philips started manufacturing here, but they ceased again in 1942 due to being affected by wartime conditions.

Before they opened their own factory, a few models were "Made on Behalf"  by The Radio Corporation of New Zealand between 1934 and 1936.  This was to fill in some gaps in their imported range. A few sets were also imported from Australia.

After the end of the War, all sets were produced locally. The last valve model was produced as late as 1969. 

 This 6 valve, Dual Wave model 72B was made in 1934/1935, by Radio Corporation (NZ) Ltd, for Philips. The power cord and other wiring have been cut off, and the two light bulbs are missing. A plate on the chassis says it has 2 volt filaments, so it would seem to have been intended to be run on batteries. No idea what other problems there may be. It will be at least early 2001 before it gets looked at.

 1937 Philips before restoration


1937 Philips rear end, before restoration. 

It turns out that the set still has the original 2 volt valves etc. The power cord that had been cut off, is actually the battery supply cord.

Philips Radio Advertisement for 1937.

Click on picture for large version of this 1962 advertisement. 81KB

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