La Gloria

La Gloria. Another well known New Zealand name. In 1938 Dominion Radio & Electrical Corp (known as Dreco) came into being. To start with, imported chassis and speakers were fitted into NZ made cabinets. Dreco made Philco, which while based on American models, were quite different. In 1955 Dreco moved premises and introduced La Gloria. By 1958 Philco had virtually disappeared and La Gloria was the main product.

La Gloria radiogram

This stereophonic model would be of late 50's manufacture. It is all self contained in a solid Oak cabinet. No separate speakers.

La gloria radiogram, open.

Under the opening lid is seen the Colaro 3 speed reel to reel tape recorder, 4 speed Colaro record player and Dual Wave receiver. The horizontal wooden strip through the centre is a very small, but full depth, cupboard for records etc to be stored under the tape and turntable. But not under the radio.

Colaro tape recorder in La Gloria.

Close-up of the tape recorder, which is fully self contained, and removable. The cable from the left is to record from the turntable and radio, and the one from the right is an output to the radio amplifier. Unfortunately the cover over the heads is missing. Even the original Colaro microphone, not seen here, still works fine. As does the magic eye level indicator.

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