Rowe AMI Jukebox

This Jukebox is an R85 model made by Rowe AMI in 1981. It plays 100 45rpm records, giving 200 different selections. There are two stereo, 6 inch midrange/treble speakers behind the grills in the top corners, and two 10 inch woofers at the bottom corners. The lights around the sides and bottom of the Selection panel flash on and off in sequence. They can be made to flash with the music, or regularly, or not at all. The whole of the front panel lifts on air struts to give access to all the workings, except the woofers.

 Rowe AMI jukebox.

Jukebox playing

A slightly different view of the front, taken without the flash. Each row of lights fading into the back of the machine, is actually just one bulb reflecting back and forth between the tinted front glass and a reflective stainless steel panel behind the bulbs.

  General inside view of Jukebox

The black box, above, is the main control computer. Right at the top, the backs of the 2 speakers mounted on the lift up front door can be seen.

Closer view of record changer mechanism.

This view shows the 100 record changer carousel, playing side one of a record. No, the picture is not printed back to front! The arm IS on the correct side. The cartridge is in the head-shell "back to front" so the needle is at the back, instead of the front, of the shell. The 125 watt stereo amplifier is in the box on the left. The power supply is at bottom left and the light flasher control unit is at the bottom right corner. I still need a Q2008, (or equivalent) semiconductor for the flasher control. The Pricing Board is at the top.

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