Golden Knight

Golden Knights were made by Radio(1936) Ltd who actually made about a dozen different brands, mainly for other distributors and retailers. The most well known was the Ultimate, which was their own, in-house brand. The Golden Knights were made for Farmer's Trading and Calder McKay.

 Golden Knight model FJ from 1936 with Bandspread and Electro-mag speaker.

Golden Knight radio before restoration

As can be seen, this "thing" wasn't exactly in the best of condition! It was bought from a second-hand shop, with a Pye, for the grand total of $10. They said "It'll never go, but you might get a few parts from it."

Golden Knight radio before restoration.

 You can see why "It'll never go" !

Close-up rear view of radio before restoration.

The ARTS&P sticker, originally on all radios, from the serial number and colouring, indicates 1936. There are even dead spiders sticking out from under the metal box that covers the tuning gangs!

The almost finished Golden Knight radio.

Just about finished. Still have to put in a new grill cloth. It now goes very well, with good tone, and excellent "pulling power".

The finished Golden Knight.

That's it. Finished, at last.

Golden Knight model RB. This is an all metal case, with Pinex Softboard lining on all internal surfaces.  Made in 1946. The probable reason for using metal was due to the difficulty in obtaining veneered plywood, immediately after W.W.II, and bakelite wasn't yet being used, although that changed in 1947.

Metal-cased Golden Knight radio before restoration

The final look. Unfortunately the photo doesn't do it justice.  It looks brilliant, in real life!

The final look!

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