Neeco radios were made by  Collier & Beale and World Radio Industries for the National Electrical & Engineering Company.

Neeco radio

I can't say I know anything about Neeco radios, although the Neeco company was/is very well known as an electrical goods wholesaler and retailer. We have nicknamed this radio "Cutie."

Neeco radio

This would have been made in the late '30s. It is a 5 valve broadcast only. As was common in those days, there is no on/off switch, as regulations wouldn't allow it. This was because most radios would have had a plug which would go into a light socket, which could not be polarised. So it would have been possible to have a live chassis even though its switch was off. The speaker is an electromagnet type. As can be seen, it points out the end instead of the more normal front.

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