Ever since 1927, Mullard was owned by Philips, in England. So a lot of their history is pretty well the same as Philips, and a lot of their goodies were virtually the same. Mullard were very well known for their valves. The first Mullard receivers to be imported into NZ were in 1938.

Spedding Ltd had been the NZ agents for Mullard, but in 1937 C & A Odlin Ltd took over the agency and imported both radios and valves. Mullard radios were available up until 1957, although they were basically Philips rebranded.  However, Mullard valves and  picture tubes continued to be available. 

 Mullard AC/Batt portable

This 1952,  5 valve AC/Battery portable looks basically the same front and back! There are circles in place of the knobs, and  the name Mullard on the same type of curve as the dial on the front. Very little needed to be done, as it is in pretty good condition. Just a small amount of cleaning, and stick down the edges of the covering where the 2 ends meet underneath.


Mullard Radio advertisement from 1938

Click on picture for a large version of this 1938 advertisement. 97KB

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