Gulbransen radios were made  by Collier & Beale for H W Clarke Ltd. Clarkes used to import the American Gulbransens. However import restrictions imposed in 1936 meant no more! So Clarkes had Collier & Beale make chassis that they could put in their own cabinets. They certainly didn't want to lose that name!

Gulbrasnsen portable radio

This small 5 valve radio has a fold away handle to carry it around. I'm not quite sure why, because it was not a battery operated portable. It is only 9" (230mm) high, and 5 1/2 " (140mm) wide. It was also available under the name Cromwell. It has a loop aerial behind one side panel. The design was said to be a deliberate steal from Westinghouse! Made in 1949.

 Gulbransen gold back

A rear view of the radio below. When we got it, there was so much dust and fluff build-up in it, that it was impossible to see any of the components.  Dust Ville as my son called it! Most of it probably entered through the carrying slot, through which the top of the speaker can be seen.

Gulbransen gold radio

Whereas a lot of dials have lightproof paint on them, this one doesn't. The light shines through. So that makes it rather more difficult to repair its paintwork. Probably made in the late '50s. It has a 4 valve chassis.


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