This is a very interesting piece of equipment. It is a "Mitsubishi Linear Tracking Fully Automatic" Turntable. They stand upright, not flat like normal record player turntables. The tone arm moves along horizontally in a straight line, electronically, not in a curve as is usual. This is to give better reproduction by making sure the stylus is always at right angles to the groove, so distortion is not introduced, particularly in the centre area of the record. Plays 33 and 45 rpm records. If my memory serves me correctly, I think they originally sold for over $3000. And that was back then!
A very high class looker, and a great conversation piece.

Yes, I know it's not ancient like the rest of the players, but who cares? It's interesting, and that's the name of the game!! It even tells you when there is a very minor tracking error! Of course it has a built in Strobe, and various lights to confirm what's happening. I love it!! And the good part is, it was almost free!!

Mitsubishi Linear Turntable

Isn't it a beauty? The arm moves along the slot in a straight line. The large knob at the top end of the arm is the weight adjustment for how many grams pressure onto the record. It's a very short arm compared with ordinary turntables.

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