This model 6152 looked in a pretty sorry condition, when received. But it wasn't as bad as it looked. A reasonable amount of elbow-grease, and the cabinet shone up a real treat, and the dial is in good condition. It's quite a large radio of its type, and more rare than its small gold sister on the previous page.

 Gulbransen 6152 Bakelite Radio

It has a 6 valve chassis and a 6 x 9 inch speaker, but although working, it was at very low volume and high distortion.  Relaced 1 electrolytic capacitor and 7 capacitors as each was showing a small amount of electrical leak-through. But still, it wouldn't perform.  After all vaves were substituted, all resistors were checked. Still no improvement.  Then a hidden resistor was found. Bingo!! It was faulty.  Replaced it and away we went. Real well!

This very large Console arrived with no speaker mounted in it, although a 12 inch one was supplied which will need rewiring to the correct plug.  We quickly got it going, but not very well, and the speaker field coil gets very hot. So we still have quite a bit of work to do. Then the cabinet.

Gulbransen Console Radio Before Restoration


This 5 valve set was made in USA. Probably around 1934. It wasn't working, apart from a very loud hum. The Can electrolytic capacitor just to the right of the dial was not mounted, and therefore was not earthing. Once that was rectified, the hum stopped, but still no go. Someone had already had a go at it some years before, by the look of it. Eventually, after replacing 2 IF transformers from another old set, plus 8 capacitors and 1 electrolytic, we were in business. Then a new cord and plug, and dial light were fitted. Goes reasonably well, but needs a good aerial.

Gulbransen 5K Chassis and Electromag Speaker.

The two little dials are to show volume on the right, and on the left whether the broadcast band or one of the two shortwave bands are selected. A slide switch on the back of the chassis gives two tone positions.

Gulbransen 5151 Radio.

Yes, well!!  Model 5151, 5 valve broadcast from 1949. There is a tone switch on the rear of the chassis. Somebody has painted flowers on the cabinet. Some of  them had been cleaned off at the time of the photo. Reminds me of San Francisco in the 60s. Wear some flowers in your hair! Maybe that's when it was painted :)

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