Columbus Console. Looks a bit different, and is about 6 inches lower than other consoles we have. Six valve chassis, plus magic eye, with 10 inch electromagnetic speaker and 5 bands.

Columbus Console Radio.

I have, at his insistence, hooked up this radio to son's computer, in his bedroom.  He plays his MP3s, CDs and game sounds through it at high volume !!  He reckons he has the best sound in the house.  I must admit, it doesn't sound half bad, considering it's age and late 30s technology. At least the violent vibrations should keep any further borer at bay!!

Columbus model 17

This little 5 valve guy was one of the garage sale items.  The only things done to it were dusting over with a damp cloth, and a bit of contact cleaner on the volume control.

Columbus 84 Radio 

A 5 valve set from 1937. Still a bit unstable at the moment, but we are getting there! Model 84.

Columbus model 84 radio after restoration

She's now a good looking piece of technology! And it works well too. A few capacitors, one valve and a tune. Plus cabinet, of course.


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