This bakelite radio was a real bad looker when I got it, but it did work. Reasonably well. With quite a bit of elbow grease, it polished up very nicely, as you can see. Repainting the white stripes also considerably helped the looks. As with so many Philips radios, it is difficult to pull apart. It's a 5 valve, dual wave chassis, from the late '50s.

Philips Bakelite Dual Wave.

The radio below is a European model. Whether it is actually English, or not, I'm not sure. It is a transformerless AC/DC 5 valve model with Broadcast and Longwave bands. NZ has never used Longwave frequencies.

English Philips Radio

This 1948 6 valve radio is a bit unusual in a number of ways. The controls are on the sides at the bottom, 2 on each side. The grill is a little bit different to most. The removable glass dial scale on the top was very often broken. Plus, I imagine, the paint was probably rubbed off a lot of them. When the glass is lifted off, the dial indicator needle is still there, sticking up, ready to be damaged! Well done, Philips!

Philips Radio with Removable Glass Dial

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